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The Cicada and the Ants

from The Complete Fables by Aesop

It was winter. Their grain was damp and the ants were drying it. A cicada, who was hungry, asked them for something to eat. The ants replied:

“Why didn’t you too store up some provisions during the summer?’

‘I didn’t have the time for that,’ replied the cicada. ‘I was singing melodiously.’

The ants made fun of her.

‘Ah well,’ they said, ‘since you sang in summer you can dance in winter.’

In the original story, the moral is that there is a time for work and a time for play. Newer versions, as in the Disney short, allow for play time anytime and the dependence on others for survival.

Nothing remains the same. Seasons change. Lay-offs happen. Economies take a down turn. Hurricanes and earthquakes occur.

Store extra food and water, eliminate debt, save money, and maintain optimal health. These are the basics. Consider different scenarios and plan ahead.

Always have, at the very least, a Plan B.