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“One of the biggest misconceptions is that a black girl who doesn’t live in the inner city is not as black.”

“There is no one way to be a black girl,” she says. “Maybe the black girl in the suburbs isn’t facing gangs every day; maybe she has to deal with anorexia or depression. She still is a black girl. There is diversity within our diversity.”

In her Butterfly workshops, she stresses that they must not let others determine who they are. There is more to the black girl than baby-maker or video vixen.

“We have the power to present ourselves in a positive light. We must speak up and speak out for ourselves.”

“Black girls today need to know where they have been to see how they have come from greatness,”

“Black history does not start with slavery. They need to know that our ancestors fought and died for us to be here. We have a responsibility to them.”

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