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Providers and protectors are scarce in a dearth of genuinely feminine women.

In fact, they abandon ship pretty quickly.

Genuine masculinity does not thrive in the absence of genuine femininity.

Why would it?

Don’t expect it.

There is nothing to complain about.


1. an attractive appearance and

2. a friendly demeanor

are key to being approached


If, at a very basic level, a man can determine whether or not he wants to move forward based on her hair, skin, and weight

If, at a very basic level, femininity is simply gentleness, patience, and kindness


if, above all else, men value femininity in women and most especially in those they consider for relationships,

I’ve come across a disturbing trend – the expectation that reality should somehow follow a fairytale.

My Auntie Vanessa would flip out if she heard this one!

If you base any part of your reality on any fairytale, men are not your problem.

And femininity, elegance, and grace are the absolute least of your concerns.

I know my limitations.

I started this blog for myself and, wonder of wonders, managed to attract some faithful readers. Luv to you all 🙂

However, I can assure you beyond all doubt, that if you believe in fairy tales, perfect worlds, or rights that infringe on the rights of others in any way, this blog is not for you.

This blog is rooted in reality.

It is for women or girls who take responsibility for their own happiness and their own lives.

So if you are into finger-pointing or accept failure as a matter of course,

I humbly apologize but neither I nor this blog can help you. Seek sustenance elsewhere.

There is only success here simply because

For us, it is always the mirror first.