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Fall is coming and I’m bored with the gym. I am still walking but the falling temps will slow that down soon enough.

On the lookout for workout alternatives, I have some interesting finds 🙂

Yoga or Pilates – forms range from gentle to more vigorous workouts; reduces stress; builds overall strength, flexibility, and improves posture; develops core; can burn a lot of calories.

Hula Hoops – adds variety and a little fun to a workout; is great for the core; is considered low-intensity for most; light hoops cause you expend more energy and so are better for aerobic exercise; weighted hoops move slower allowing you to work out longer and burn calories. Cinch that waist!

Belly Dance – develops feminine grace; improves posture and overall muscle tone most especially the abdominals; depending on intensity, can burn a pretty decent amount of calories.

Burlesque – adds spice and boosts confidence; includes lots of stretching for increased flexibility; corrects posture; promotes core stability; and is considered low intensity. Now this looks fun!

These three easy moves will enhance your feminine form by toning muscles in key areas using your own body weight.

I call it gentle sculpting 🙂

  1. Push-Upslifts your chest and tones your upper arms
  2. Cross Crunches or Pilates Criss Cross – whittles your waist and flattens your belly
  3. Toe Raises – lifts your bum and tones your entire leg

Start small. Using proper form, attempt 1, then 3, then 5, and so on.

The point is to start and to stick with it.

Good luck!

(This routine is not for weight loss nor will results be evident under excess body fat.)