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by Deola Sagoe

I just discovered an excellent resource – dcgirl0067’s Photostream. Trust me, you’ll be glad you clicked 🙂

If you remember nothing else, remember two things,

  1. Less is more and
  2. Femininity is sexy.

When you truly embody femininity, there is little need to pile on other things to display it. There is no need to overcompensate.

Less means less glitter, less embellishment, fewer accessories, less need to reveal body parts . . .

Simply accentuate your softness, your curves, and your beauty.

for the young ladies who are having trouble with the concept 🙂

to be feminine and sexy . . . yet classy and not trashy.

Just keep femininity first.

This is just the kind of mood I’m in 🙂

and very

(n) simple style, dignity, or elegance; the opposite of flashy or garish.

Class: How to Look the Part

  • Sparse make-up in neutral tones. Take care. The skin must be flawless to do this. The goal is the appearance of flawless, naked skin with subtle accents rather than a fully made up look.
  • Clothing is in subtle, tasteful colors. You don’t have to stick to neutrals.
  • Appropriate undergarments. Start with a good base. This just causes your outfit appear to be on purpose rather than without thought or consideration.
  • Hem lengths are never too high and necklines are never too low.
  • Fabrics are ironed and look sharp.
  • Shoes coordinate with the handbag. The two do not have to be the same color.
  • Clothing fits properly and appropriately.
  • With accessories, simple is best. Less is more.
  • Skip the skinny jeans and leggings as pants. Trendy maybe but never classy.
  • Brand names are not necessary but quality is easily recognizable. Opt for tailoring details, luxe fabrics such as cashmere, silks, and fine woolens.
  • Spend the money on quality shoes.
  • Practice posture and grace.
  • Maintain impeccable grooming.


Simple Dressing Table Ideas

  • a small table or desk     rounded edges are very feminine
  • optional: a pretty table-cloth, fabric, or lace     useful for hidden storage
  • a stool, a short bench, an ottoman, a stack of pillows or cushions     or simply a chair 😉
  • place in a corner, nook, or cozy alcove     a nearby outlet can be very useful
  • a small lamp     or a window for natural lighting
  • mirror(s)
  • boxes, vases, dainty containers
  • decorative wall hooks great for hanging jewelry, accessories, or other pretty things